lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Don't waste your time

Nowadays, it seems that saying "I love you" is not as important or as emotive as it was time ago. Now you can say "I love you" and the person who receives these words does not react, he/she just says "me too" or something like this. What I mean is that these words, which are supposed to be really meaningful, have lost all their meaning and everybody could say it and nobody would feel something different or special.

And I am not talking about relationships only, but about friendships as well. Maybe we should pay more attention to what we receive from the others and all they do for us. When someone who says "I love you" and he/she really feels it, he/she waits for a response (with words, with a look, with a smile, etc.). And sometimes we give this "I love you" back, but like an instinctive response which has not a true sense or a feeling.

Maybe the daily routine is the reason why people do that. Maybe people have become insensitive.
Life is shorter than we can imagine. We should take advantage of every minute, every second and to show people how much we love them. No shames, no worries, nothing. Life is better with love. Your family's love, your friends' love, love from whoever. All you need is love, and no, love is not a game ;)

I do love you, and I really feel it.

(Sorry for the mistakes with my poor English)

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